Make Your Data Make a Difference

6 Weeks to Confidently Engaging Any Audience at Any Time

Tired of the dreaded data dump?

We’ve all experienced it: the dreaded Data Dump. A smart, talented, technical expert gets up in front of a room to present important information about the work their team has been doing. Information washes over you. Graphs, tables, and diagrams fly by on the screen. And at the end, you would be hard-pressed to remember the main points. The information was voluminous and unstructured; you feel like you’ve been trying to take a sip from a fire hose.

You’ve been on the receiving end of such an experience. Have you also been the one holding the fire hose?

Regardless of which side you’ve experienced it from, a Data Dump is not a satisfying experience. The presenter wanted that information to make a difference. The audience members looked forward to gaining some new insight or knowledge in return for the investment of their attention. Neither party truly got what they wanted.

So why do Data Dumps persist?

Because too many of those smart, talented, technical professionals have only seen presentations done in that way. For all of their vast knowledge and skills, they simply lack one key element: deep understanding of how to connect with an audience.

Connection is the key. Without audience connection, the speaker’s information goes nowhere. Audiences may leave the presentation confused, bored, overwhelmed, or merely vaguely dissatisfied that they didn’t take more away from the experience.

But there is an alternative.

The alternative is for presenters to complement their vast technical knowledge with the singular skill of connecting with an audience when they present information. This skill is not a natural outgrowth of becoming a technical expert. Rather, it is the outgrowth of studying a particular subset of communication skills: speaking to maximize audience engagement.

You already know how to organize your thoughts. Perhaps you are particularly skilled at taking a challenging topic and making it understandable. Now you can discover how to take what is understandable and make it relatable and memorable. Discover how to speak to be remembered and quoted. That is how your information will make a difference.

You can discover these keys in a live, online course titled “Make Your Data Make a Difference: 6 Weeks to Confidently Engaging Any Audience at Any Time” offered by Certified World Class Speaking Coach David P. Otey. 

During this 6 Week Course you will acquire and practice using the following tools:


  • The three questions that will shift your mindset from information-focused to audience-focused
  • Two story models that will change the way your listeners perceive you
  • A speech structure that will ensure you are remembered and quoted
  • The most powerful technique known for making what’s difficult understandable
  • An enlightened approach to visual aids based on how people process information 

Your Instructor

David P. Otey

Broadcaster. Engineer. Author. Podcast host. TEDx speaker and coach. David P. Otey is all these things and more. He led the groundbreaking effort to train more than 10,000 broadcasting professionals on a new technology. He knows first-hand the challenges you face if you work in an information-driven environment and are called upon to present to an audience. David now works with scientists and engineers to bring their expertise to life so they can get funding, sell their solutions, and expand their reputation. David is the author of The Speaker’s Quick Guide series of books, and the host of the biweekly podcast, “The Power of Story and Science.”

Act Fast!  Class Size is Limited
12 Live Sessions over Six Weeks Starting October 10, 2022

                            Course Format

Each Monday for six weeks, you will be invited to attend a live, virtual, instructor-led content session lasting approximately one hour. Sessions will be recorded and available that same day if you are unable to attend live.

You will receive an assignment to work on and a link to the AI-powered coaching tool you will use to record yourself on video. The instructor will then be able to leave you your own, specific feedback on your work.

On the Thursday after each content session, you will return for a live, virtual, instructor-led Q&A and coaching session, where you will have the opportunity to go deeper into mastering that week’s tools. These sessions will be recorded also, but the maximum value will come for those who participate live.

That’s a total of 12 sessions over six weeks.

You could work one-on-one with David if that is what you prefer. The equivalent package of coaching sessions would require an investment of about $3,000. 

1 Payment $497
2 Payments $249

  • 12 Live Sessions
  • Weekly Assignments
  • All Sessions Recorded
  • AI Enabled
  • Instructor Feedback

FREE BONUS: Lifetime access to the self-paced, online course “Own the Virtual Stage: Confidently Connect with an Unseen Audience”—a $197 value.

 "David's background as an engineer gave him a real connection to our audience. I've had the pleasure of watching David engage many a class of students with his natural storytelling skills and his welcoming, calm demeanor. I was always confident of a successful class when David was instructing.” 

Anne Gifford
Pyramid Consulting